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Soaring Free | Chia Seeds (200g)


Health benefits of Chia Seeds may include:

Stabilise blood sugar – contains soluble fibre which reduces blood sugar spikes

Brain food – high levels of omega-3 oils better cognitive function

Ultimate weight loss support – adds low-calorie density & high protein to meals or smoothies

High in fibre – soothes the digestive system & cleanses the colon

Improves digestion – soothes the digestive system & cleanses the colon

Increased Energy – soluble fibre stabilises blood sugar & avoids spikes

High protein – high amounts of near-complete, plant protein

Anti-inflammatory – one of the highest plant-based sources of omega-3 EFAs

Athletic Endurance – essential fats, fibre and protein in combination

Cardiovascular Health – rich in omega-3 fatty acids to protect your heart

Longevity – potent antioxidants provide anti-ageing benefits

Supports Bone Health – more calcium than milk, plus boron for absorption

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