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Soaring Free | Baobab Powder (200g)

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Baobab is a powerful antioxidant superfruit, rich in vitamin C, fibre and essential minerals including calcium and magnesium. The prebiotic fibre contained in baobab is said to support and nourish gut flora. Other health benefits of baobab are said to be: • SLOWS AGEING – high in antioxidants which is said to help maintain youthful skin • SUPPORT FOR HEALTHIER SKIN – rich in essential minerals and high in vitamin C • BALANCING FOR BLOOD SUGAR – high in pectin dietary fibre to balance out highs and lows • HEALTHY FOR YOUR COLON – bulks matter in the colon to keep you more regular • HEART HEALTH SUPPORTIVE – reduces LDL cholesterol to promote cardiac health • NOURISHING FOR GUT FLORA – pectin is a prebiotic and feeds your probiotics (good gut bacteria) • PROMOTES STRONGER BONES AND TEETH – a rich, non-dairy source of absorbable calcium • PROVIDES MORE ENERGY – oxygenates the blood and contains B vitamins • ALKALISING – contains minerals to minimise harmful acidity

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