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Bio-Sil | Zeolite Powder

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Zeolite Powder

500ml Tub
Pure natural amazing zeolite powder – ready for use … and inexpensive to boot!
Non irradiated

Other benefits include:
*Removal of heavy metals
*Protects body tissues from toxins
*Helps balance pH levels  *Enhances food conversion
*Aids digestion & helps reduce acid reflux/gastritis
*Stimulates the immune system
*Provides significant relief from symptoms of veisalgia
*Supports anti-oxidant response after cancer surgery

Bio-Sil’s Zeolite is a pharmaceutical grade, micronized (0.06 microns) powder of the highest quality and has no taste or odor which makes supplementing for you and your pets so easy!
Add to smoothies, fruit drinks and pets’ wet foods, e.g. tuna

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