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Bio-Sil | Moringa Seed Oil 100ml

R236.03 Inclusive VAT

Moringa Seed Oil
(cold pressed)

100% pure Moringa Oil,  natural, additive-free, non irradiated


Moringa Oil is one of the most exotic vitamin and mineral-enriched oils in the world. It has been valued by many diverse cultures for its *anti-ageing and *moisturising properties

Also helps with *acne  *blackheads and pimples  *blemishes  *fine lines  * hair growth and shine  *hyper pigmentation  *tissue damage  *wrinkles

To enjoy these wonderful benefits,simply apply Moringa oil and lightly massage into the skin, scalp and hair. Leave on until absorbed


Please note :
Moringa oil has a melting point of 25 degrees. If the temperature drops below 25 degrees, the natural waxes start to solidify at the bottom of the bottle. This is an unavoidable consequence of natural cold pressed Moringa oil.
If the oil were ‘refined’ this occurrence could be avoided, but then the natural healing properties of cold pressed oil would be lost. As soon as the oil contacts the skin it will become smooth and uniform again. A little in the palm of you hand works well and quickly or just stand in warm water for a few minutes !

Customer feedback :
I lost a lot of weight recently and my arms looked quite wrinkly.   For the past few weeks I have been rubbing his lovely oil into these arms and the wrinkles have really smoothed out!   JvD

Love this product – I kept my baby’s skin soft and smooth, applying after bath-time.   SC

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