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Bio-Sil | Diatomaceous Earth (90 capsules)

When taken internally, many health benefits have been observed – * lower cholesterol,  * lower blood pressure, * arthritis pain relief,  * increased energy, * more regular bowel movements,  * improved hair, skin and nails,  * sinus and cough relief     

Further benefits:
* anti-ageing
* immune system booster
* colon cleanser
* parasite removal

A daily supplement – it is estimated that there are more than 1,500 ways DE is beneficial to humans, plants, and animals. As a daily supplement, many believe that its most beneficial use is for internal cleansing by aiding in the elimination of intestinal parasites, which are not able to develop immunity to the mechanical action of diatomaceous earth

Only recently have the human health benefits been discovered. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is not actually ‘earth’  but rather is the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one-celled plants called Diatoms

DE can also detox the body. According to a top cancer researcher, it is also the best natural chelating product available for pulling heavy metals from the bloodstream

Causes of many health issues: Many believe that the increase in the number of cases of heavy metal poisoning has occurred in part due to mercury in vaccines, fluoridated water, deodorants with aluminium, some seafood, foil wrap, cooking in aluminium cookware, soda/energy/beer aluminium cans, and a number of other ways. DE has manyhealth benefits

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