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Red Dog Dezign | Doggie Life Jacket Medium ( Pre-order – 5 day turn around)

R551.66 Inclusive VAT

  • Flotation device
  • Sturdy handle,
  • reflective strips
  • Adjustable under-straps
  • Bright florescent material

It is essential that this garment fits your pet properly. Ensure you monitor the body temperature of your pet as overheating can happen quickly and be extremely dangerous to your pet’s health

Length: Measure from the base of the tail along the spine. Run the measuring tape along the spine and finish between the shoulder blades at the base of the neck. The length of the life jacket must be 5-12cm shorter than the measured length to ensure the safest fit for your dog. Do not cover your dog’s tail base as this is swimming rudder.

Girth: This is the widest point around the dog’s chest. It should be just behind the leg around his chest and over his back.

  SIZE                             GIRTH(cm)                                  LENGTH(cm)                                       MAX WEIGHT(kg)   

XX-small                        30-35                                            14                                                           2

X-small                           35-40                                            21                                                          4

Small                              45-51                                            29                                                          8

Medium                          57-67                                            39                                                          10

Medium Large                67-75                                            45                                                          15

Large                             75-87                                             51                                                          28

X-Large                         105-117                                         84                                                           55

IMPORTANT: Please keep the size of your pet in mind  when selecting a product. Make sure that it will be a comfortable fit for your pet.


  • Test your product in a safe environment prior to use.
  • Always supervise your dog while wearing this jacket.
  • It is a comfortable fit for the dog/pet.
  • The jacket is adequate for the weight of the dog.
  • The dog does not overheat while wearing the jacket.
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