Outward Hound Squeakin’ Whistler Ball

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The Outward Hound Squeakin’ Whistler Ball squeaks and whistles to keep your dog interested.
  • SOARING SOUNDS: Watch the Outward Hound Squeakin’ Whistler Ball soar every time it’s thrown into the air! As it glides, you’ll even notice a sweet whistling sound that makes it easy for your dog to follow.
  • BETTER THAN BORING BALLS: Unlike traditional balls, the Squeakin’ Whistler Ball is made with fun patterns and textures keeping your dogs interest while they chew fetch with this toy!
  • SQUEEZE TO SQUEAK: Give the Squeakin’ Whistler Ball outdoor dog ball a squeeze and your dog will be surprised by a squeak! They’ll love squeaking, chewing and fetching with this new outdoor fetch toy!



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