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FocusPet | Training Clicker

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Clicker training is a method of animal training that uses a sound?a click?to tell an animal when he does something right. The clicker is a tiny plastic box held in the palm of your hand, with a metal tongue that you push quickly to make the sound.

First, a trainer teaches an animal that every time he hears the clicking sound, he gets a treat. Once the animal understands that clicks are always followed by treats, the click becomes as powerful a reward to the animal. When this happens, the trainer can use the click to mark the instant the animal performs the right behaviour.


  • ? Creates an efficient language between a human trainer and an animal trainee
  • Lightweight
  • External
  • Easy to Use and store
  • Can be used Daily Use
  • Behavioural Training
  • It Creates a Strong Bond between you and your dog
  • Eliminates Inflection Issues
  • Click Training Is Simple
  • It is easier to train Larger Dogs Faster
  • Suitable for Young and Adult pets


  • 7*2.7*1.8cm
  • ABS+ Stainless steel shrapnel
  • 12g
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