Doggobone Alfies Active Cat Food | 2.5KG Fish and Chicken

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Complete and Balanced Meal for Cats, Registered as Doggobone Alfies Cat Food with the Department of Agriculture. Product Reg. no: V28497 Act 36 / 1947.

Alfies is conveniently packaged in 125g portions for easy daily feeding

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Complete and Balanced Meal for Cats,

Ingredients: Finely ground Fish (sardines or white fish) and Chicken (necks and trimmings, organ meat, whole egg, seasonal fruit and veg, Kefir, Morninga, Chicory, Kelp, and approved vitamins and minarels.

No chemicals, preservatives, flavourings, grains or cereals, denatured or rendered products are used to enhance the appearance, taste or texture of Doggobone Active Raw meals. All raw ingredients (meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit and herbs) are sourced locally from the Department of Health approved establishments, within South Africa, and certified fit for human consumption.

❄ This is a frozen product.

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